Spanish people converting to Judaism

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"Over the years, many Latin Americans and Spaniards have begun discovering about their Sephardic Jewish ancestry from Spain and Portugal through their family history and genetic testing. History reports that thousands of Spanish Jews and Portuguese Jews converted to Catholicism by force during the Inquisition to not get persecuted and killed. Many of these Jews who converted to Judaism still experienced discrimination in Spain and Portugal which caused thousands of these secret Jews to immigrate to Latin America, mainly to Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico etc. The other Jews remained in Spain , Portugal but hid their identity where they eventually assimilated and forgot about their Hebrew roots over the years. Other Spanish Jews also immigrated to Morocco and other North African countries. Because of this, Judaism in Latin America and Spain has increased, where hundreds and thousands of Latinos have been reported to converting to Judaism in Latin America. Last year over 300 Spaniards officially finished their Orthodox Jewish conversion after 1 year to 5 years of studying about faith, the laws and the Hebrew language."